The #1 Personal Development Course On The Market FOR VEGANS

Our Signature 9-Step Method Will Give You The Tools To SUPERCHARGE YOUR ACTIVISM & Help You Cultivate More Confidence, Clarity, Fulfillment, and Purpose 
Do you wake up every day feeling inspired to create a better world for the animals, the planet, and the rest of humanity, but don’t know where to start?

Maybe you have buried gifts, talents, and skills waiting to be used for the betterment of this world, but you're feeling lost, confused, and directionless.

​Are old patterns of fears, worries, and limiting beliefs holding you back from creating the life you want to live?

Do you wish you could be more effective at communicating the vegan message to friends, family, and others?

Imagine what it would feel like to live a fearless life that brings you new levels of happiness, fulfillment and connection while contributing to the vegan movement in a meaningful way.
Calling all trailblazers, pioneers, and warriors!

The world is suffering and the animals need your help. The time has come for you to rise-up and become that strong voice for the voiceless.
This is a personal development course is for those who are ready to build a brighter, more compassionate world.
Walking the path of the vegan warrior will help you restore, optimize, and activate all parts of yourself—bringing total balance to your body, mind, and soul. 

By using our signature 9-step method, you'll uncover your purpose and come into alignment with your unique gifts so you can help create a better world for the animals, the planet, and the rest of humanity.
Hello, we're Christopher and Sara, husband and wife, personal development coaches and founders of the Vegan Warrior Academy.

Shortly after going vegan, we hit a plateau... 
Feelings of joy, contentment, and serenity were soon followed by frustration, overwhelming helplessness, and isolation. 

We desperately wanted to shake everyone awake to the atrocities of the world, but we found our message was frequently misunderstood and stifled.

We were left wondering, what's next? What's our purpose? How can we contribute to the movement and help liberate animals and this planet?

Something was missing and we knew there was more....

After many years of professional training in the fields of personal development, herbal medicine, detoxification,and whole food plant-based nutrition WE CRACKED THE CODE!

We realized that the ONLY WAY to accelerate the vegan movement and make a BIG IMPACT in the world was to first transform ourselves from the inside out.
We believe that everyone is born with their own set of unique gifts, talents, and skills that are meant to be expressed in a way that activates their soul, empowers others, and elevates the planet.

So we set out on a mission to support and empower vegans, like you, by helping them ignite their personal growth, unlock their inner power, and uncover their purpose so they can become a powerful voice for the voiceless and contribute to the world and the vegan movement in a meaningful way.

This Program Was Life-Changing!

"Stumbling upon the Vegan Warrior program was life changing. After completing it I feel like I’ve walked on a moving sidewalk at the airport, far ahead of where I’d be with a map to make the changes I want! So happy to have invested in myself, it was invaluable. Chris and Sara have guided me to becoming a Vegan Warrior!”      -Barb

In this course you'll learn how to...
Begin using your unique gifts, talents, and skills to spread veganism   
Pinpoint your purpose in the vegan movement 
Diminish negative self-talk, anger, fear, and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from reaching your full potential
Confidently express your truth and effectively communicate the vegan message 
Live a more fearless, free, and authentic life
Connect deeper with yourself and the world around you

I Have A New Sense of Vigor For Life

"The course brilliantly guided me step by step into an elevated state of consciousness. This new state of consciousness has given me a new level of hope, happiness, freedom, love, understanding, compassion, motivation, peace and so much more. I am eternally thankful!" - Jes
Week 1 – Introduction 
To start your journey, we'll be connecting you with your future warrior-self through a
powerful guided meditation, goals and intentions worksheet, and vegan warrior manifesto.
Week 2 – Find What Makes You Tick
Gathering a deeper understanding of your values—what’s working for you & what’s not before you move into exploring your passions. Here you'll spend time with values clarification, so you can
understand your fundamental driving forces & highlight the areas of life that need tweaking. There's workbooks and activities included to help you do so.
Week 3 – Explore Your Passions
Here you can slow down, tap into your inner child, and explore your passions free of judgment. This part of the journey includes fun-filled passion exploration activities to help you follow your excitement to the best of your ability. 
Week 4 – Embrace Your Shadow
Now is the time to identify the deeply hidden limiting beliefs and lost parts of your identity – to
give all the parts of you a voice, so you can integrate them into your whole, balanced Self. 
Week 5 – Boost Your EIQ 
Evaluate and increase your emotional intelligence and practice new ways of communicating, so you can fit back into civilization more grounded and socially perceptive than ever before. This module is dedicated to understanding how your emotions impact your internal community as well as your relationships, and of course, interactions with not-yet-vegans. 
Week 6 – Connect With Your Life Force
 Connect with your breath and vital life force energy to awaken deeper purpose. This module will guide you through a series of breathing exercises to calm the mind, enliven the body, and
reawaken the soul.
Week 7 – Intuitive & Mindful Eating
Your physical vessel is part of the holistic being you are. This module will guide you on a journey with exercises to help you eat consciously, presently, and in alignment with your highest potential.
Week 8 – Align With Your Soul & Spirit
Open your heart, expose your soul, and strengthen your spiritual connection in whichever way
supports you. In Module 8, you will dance with the mystery of creation and design methods to deeply connect with your core essence. 
Week 9 – Manifest Your Vision
The Vegan Warrior Journey may feel as though it’s coming to an end, but it’s only just begun! Now it’s time to take your insights you've gained and envision the possibilities for the next stage of your future. This module is dedicated to nothing but visioning so you can create a crystal-clear image of your ideal future and brainstorm  ways in which your newfound self-awareness can make your dreams a reality. 
Week 10 – Fulfill Your Purpose
By now you’re feeling inspired to make the necessary changes in your life to bring your vision into your reality and help you align with your most authentic self. This module will guide you in bringing your purpose & contribution to life.
Week 11 – Vegan Warrior Journey Board
This journey board is a visual representation of your vegan warrior quest that you embarked on at the start of this digital course, and it also serves as an image of your future-- a tangible example, idea or representation of where you are going. This journey board should represent your dreams, your goals, and your ideal contribution to the vegan cause. It’s the vision you wish to manifest into your reality.


Naomi | Spring Hill, FL

"There's something wonderful that comes alive inside your mind, heart and soul when you go vegan and realize you MUST spread this message of love and compassion for yourself, the animals and the world...but lots of doubt enters this space at the same time. You wonder if you're a strong enough person, if you can control your own emotions, if you are being a good role model for veganism and even how to communicate with others effectively. I learned from this course in walking the path of a vegan warrior, how to look inward to find the strength I need and how to find the voice just right for me to help awaken this vegan life for others. It isn't easy to shine the light on the dark places within yourself, and by that I mean FEARS of all kinds, but this special type of self-development and introspection Sara & Chris provide in this course is helping me not only become a stronger vegan warrior, but also a stronger person overall."

Brittany | Little Rock, AR

"I've been able to feel it to. Feel it almost to my core. That's how I know I'm traveling on the right path. As I'm decluttering I'm feeling the impulse of control and fear slip away. I'm stopping more in the moment. Finding intention throughout the day. Shifting my perspective and dialogue to myself has been so beneficial. I've replaced worrying and trying to figure it all out with asking questions and patience with the unknown. I couldn't of done this alone and I just want to say thanks again to Sara & Chris for this wonderful experience and guidance and thank you all for sharing support!"

Monica | Kansas City, MO

"I've gained tools that I can use myself to keep growing and living my best life. THANK YOU BOTH for being a part of changing my life -- making it more joyous. I look forward to all of us making our world a better, more compassionate place to live for all beings!"

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